Vibrant Chicken Pasta – My New Weekly Quick Fix

There’s always one evening in the week when we are craving for something nice and nourishing… but we can’t be bothered to cook. So inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti rosso I first tried last week, I have started making this healthy and hot Chicken and Olives Pasta that probably takes just around 30 minutes to prep and cook. It also uses ingredients I know I always have in my cupboards. Fast, fresh, easy, filling and yummy… what more could we be asking for?

Am I A Cook Book Addict?

From as far as I can remember, I have always loved reading. Novels, history books, comics you name it! In the last few years, my love for books seems to have shifted towards the kitchen area. My dresser has a full shelf dedicated to books and food magazines because I can’t help myself, if I see a book I like with recipes and ingredients I haven’t tried yet, I have to buy it.

Indulgent Apple, Cherry & Marsala Rice Pudding

Sometimes I crave for something sweet and simple. A dessert that will make me want to stop the clock after just one spoonful. Right in the middle of making apple and cherry compote, I wondered whether the ‘big kids at heart’ that we are would enjoy this compote even more with a bit of Marsala in it… And to bring us right back down Memory Lane, I thought rice pudding could simply just work the treat. Here is the result of this little experiment and how to make it.

Zingy Quinoa Salad

After a few days of too much snacking, I found myself in real need for something fresh, healthy and nutritious that would not take much time to cook for lunch. The answer to this came in the form of a quinoa salad packed with flavours although it doesn’t require a ton of ingredients…

Salmon Loaf

They say the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach… well, my other half absolutely loves this recipe and although it is meant to feed 6 people, I always count myself lucky if I can see a second slice of it before he has already finished the whole lot! I call this dish a loaf although it is so airy it could easily be called a mousse or a soufflé. It works beautifully as a starter or as a light main, with a simple salad on the side…

Creamy Endives au Gratin

Called chicon in Belgium and in the North of France, and more widely known as chicory in English, this vegetable is as tasty cooked as it is used in salads or even as a wrap to be served as nibbles.  Today, after a lovely week-end back home, I am cooking some Endives au Gratin, a traditional dish in the North of France and in Belgium, and a perfect meal when the weather starts to get colder.

Yummy Homely Quatre Quarts

Quatre quarts is not just the name of this lovely cake, it also summarises the whole recipe in two words: Four Quarters. This recipe is very close to my heart as I have baked it many a time for my grandfather when I was a kid trading pears from his garden against a nice cake.  I have since made a couple of minor alterations that amazingly change the texture of the cake.

Cauliflower Cheese & Broccoli Soup

This is the perfect treat on a cold and rainy week-end and a recipe I have found whilst browsing through the book ‘Delia’s how to cheat at cooking’. Find out why this is a must-try recipe as well as the link to Delia’s recipe!

Super Easy Chicken Salad

This is one of our ‘go-to’ recipes in the week. Not only is it packed with vegetables and proteins, it is also full of flavours and so versatile that you can easily swap some of the ingredients depending on your mood and what you’ve got available in your fridge!